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As a  painter's grand-daughter, I was immersed from my childhood in the world of painting.

At the university, I indulge in personal experiences close to the dance world associating music, dance and performances.

After training in fine arts and various professional training, I teach part-time in order to devote myself to creation and artistic research.


Main exhibitions

2019: Art 250 Cill Rialaig, Kerry Ireland

2018: Biennial of Contemporary Art in Beauce

2017: Artist residency, Kerry Ireland

2017: Biennial of painters and sculptors of Brittany

2015: Gallery of ARTbre Pleslin-Trigavou Bretagne

2015: Galerie l'Oiseau Sablier Tréguier

2015: The gardens of Montagny

2013: Galerie l'Oiseau Sablier Tréguier

2010: Espace l 'Horloge Tracy le Mont

2009: Salon Figuration Critique Paris

2008: Galerie Elisabeth G Paris (3rd)

2007: Salon Figuration Critique Palais Bondy Lyon

2006: La Tour Compiègne Gallery

2005: Artist residency, Kerry Ireland

2004: The Origin Gallery Dublin

2000: The Origin Gallery Dublin

1997: Salon des Arts in Ostend

1997: Charles de Gaulle Airport

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